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Root Canal Treatment

Our aim is to save your tooth and sometimes the only way to do this is by performing a root canal treatment ...

Root Canal Treatment is performed when a large cavity in a tooth reaches the nerve causing infection and pain which can lead to an abscess. If the tooth is left untreated the infection can spread. 

Our professional team are experienced at dealing with root canal treatments and will initially concentrate on alleviating any pain. Your treatment will then comprise of removing the diseased part of the tooth, cleaning the remainder of the tooth to remove all bacteria and finally sealing the tooth to avoid reinfection. Our aim is save your tooth and we will only remove a tooth as a last resort.

Before treatment commences, our team of experts will discuss the process with you thoroughly to ensure you are comfortable and happy. You may need to revisit us for further appointments whilst you are undergoing treatment.

If you have tooth pain, do not suffer in silence, Contact Us today or complete the form. We will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your dental requirements. You can find out more about The Dental team or our Flexible Opening Hours by following the links.

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